Our Food Truck

The BBQ Palace ~ a rolling purveyor of taste-bud-tingling barbecue


best bbq in virginiaPreparing traditional Virginia Barbecue is all about time and temperature. Our pit is fired with a base of lump charcoal and fueled by red oak, which is cut and split locally. Red oak creates a spicy smoke that imparts a distinctive flavor. We specialize in Boston Butts (Pork shoulder), Beef Briskets, & St. Louis cut Ribs. 

One of several home-made rubs is applied to each piece of meat before being placed inside the pit. Then we let the smoke take over. Indirect heat applied at a consistent rate over several hours enables the smoke to penetrate the meat, producing a tender bite with complex flavors. Two home-made sauces top off the BBQ and are available for purchase here.

The art of BBQ is all about taking your time, a consistent fire, good company, and the pursuit of that perfect smoke ring. My Grandfather's first mobile BBQ Wagon was a converted mobile home he christened The Chicken Palace.....thus our rolling tribute to John D's legendary cooking, The BBQ Palace!

I have logged thousands of hours with my Grandfather and Father honing the traditions and techniques that make Shaffer’s BBQ unique, delicious, and absolutely traditional to the Shenandoah Valley and Virginia!  Julie, Sam, & I look forward to sharing those stories with you.

Our Food Truck, The BBQ Palace, is available for public and private events.  Just shoot me an email FoodTruck@ShaffersBBQ.com or call 540.508.4274.